Companies FAQ

Who is for? is the ideal tool for busy Tech Recruiters & Tech Managers looking for a quick and efficient way to find skilled and qualified tech profiles for their company.

What kinds of profiles can I find on

Our candidate pool consists of a wide range of tech profiles looking for permanent and freelance opportunities, including:

  • Software engineers
  • Network and security engineers
  • Devops engineers
  • Support profiles
  • BA/BI specialists
  • SAP
  • Product owners/managers
  • Data scientist
  • Cyber security experts
  • Blockchain developers
  • CTOs

How does it work?

We start by screening every potential tech candidate to assess their skills, motivations and availability, before accepting only the top 20% of profiles. When you sign up as a company, you’ll be contacted by one of our Company Experience Specialists for a demo and to discuss your recruitment needs. Once you have created your company profile, you can begin creating your recruitment projects, selecting the key skills and experience you are looking for. Our compatibility engine matches your open positions with the most compatible and qualified tech candidates on our platform. No more time-wasting! Easily decide who you should contact first based on how well they match the position and keep a clear overview of your candidate matches and conversations within one unique platform.

Where do you source candidates?

We source candidates through a range of acquisition channels, including through our own tech community (guild). We organize meetups, support tech initiatives and run online marketing campaigns in order to keep our candidate pool fresh. Many candidates also sign up through word of mouth thanks to people who had a great experience with us.

Can I find freelancers on

Yes! Our platform also lists freelancers open to new opportunities. When creating a recruitment project you can select “freelance” as the contract type and you’ll automatically be matched with freelancers.

Do I have to pay to use the platform?

Using the platform is 100% free, you only pay if you hire a candidate After signing our T&C you’ll get full access to the platform and to the following features:

  • Access to our user database to proactively search for talents
  • Unlimited recruitment projects
  • Unlimited conversations with candidates
  • Unlimited hires
  • Dedicated Company Experience Specialist
  • Free visa support if hiring from abroad
  • Custom employer branding
  • Company promotion through our channels

What happens if I hire a candidate I found on

When you hire a candidate through the platform, you pay either a success fee or a monthly service fee, depending on the contract type, to For permanent hires, the success fee will be equivalent to 17% of the yearly fixed gross salary of the candidate. For freelance contracts, the monthly service fee will constitute a percentage of 15% on the daily rate of the candidate and the number of days worked and billed by the candidate. Read our T&C for more details.

Why do I have to schedule a welcome call?

When you get started, you’ll be asked to book a call with one of our Company Experience Specialists. This is a mandatory step in order to be accepted to the platform, but don’t worry, it’s all free and does not commit you to anything! Because each company is unique and has different expectations, it is important for us to get to know each one individually! On the call,we will discuss your recruitment needs and expectations, to make sure to set your company up for success!