Tech hires Tech.

That's why we want CTOs and technical profiles to be the first touch point for candidates.


We realised that on a job market, where 72% of all IT candidates are open to new opportunities, but only 7% respond to messages, something must be broken.

And it's pretty obvious. A developer who regularly gets tons of solicitations filters by quality. Quality communication means technical aspects of a project, which can only be explained to the fullest extent by a person with a technical background.

Therefore: Tech hires Tech. Average response rates on lie around 60%. With technical profiles as first touch point, HR managers get support in the search and selection process, so they can focus on the steps that come right after, which ultimately reduces the hiring process.

I'm a candidate

Opportunities to improve your team.

Type of employment

Permanent, Freelance, Remote


Paris, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Bucarest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Geneva, Helsinki, London, Madrid, Milano, Munich, New York, Paris, San Fransisco, Stockholm, Zurich, and more.

Top profiles
  • 51% Backend Engineer (.Net, Java, PHP, Scala, Ruby, Python, node.Js)
  • 42% Frontend Engineer (Javascript)
  • 40% Full Stack Engineer
  • 32% DevOps Engineer
  • 2 % Blockchain Engineer
  • 2 % QA/Test Engineer
  • 4% Hardware Engineer
  • 5% Security Engineer
  • 11% Data Scientist
  • 11 % UI/UX designer
  • CTO
  • Srum Master
  • Stats as of May 25th 2018

How it works.

Quick, simple, efficient.

Create a company profile.

Explain your values and needs, invite your tech colleagues and create publicly visible and sharable job posts.

Find matching candidates.

Candidates will automatically be matched with your job posts for quick and simple search. Share them among your team!

Talk tech and hire.

Your CTO, or Tech leads of the job openings contacts the candidate and talks tech.


We believe developers should be able to talk tech when discussing job opportunities. That's why they like

Proven quality

Our candidates have proven track records and go through screening. We also provide online coding tests for you to better understand their abilities & knowledge.

Attractive pricing

We provide attractive subscription offers that are easily adaptable to any size of organisation.

Perfect matches

The better candidates are understood, the more fitting the offers they'll get and the more likely it is they are inspired by your projects.

Fuel your Team

Our approach rebuilds the trust between candidates and employers and thus helps HR managers with the tough reality of finding and selecting tech talent.

Talk tech with a face

The video and chat functions will help you to better assess candidates and to better express the value you can provide to them.


No more unreliable job boards or expensive recruiting agencies.

Our flexible and transparent pricing plans will help you address your unique team needs.

Reduce your hiring process from 6 to 2 weeks.