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Why making things complicated when they can be simple?

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Our smart matching engine will suggest top candidates matching your requirements.

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Start conversations with the best candidates. Set-up interviews, hire better and faster!

Recruiting Tech should be easy

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A constant flow of skilled tech profiles

Our talent pool consists of Software Engineers, Web Developers, DevOps, Data Scientists, Cyber Security Experts, Scrum Masters looking for remote, hybrid and on-site positions.

Less time sourcing,
more time hiring

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nexten.io worked with us on several specific recruitment projects; and I saw a serious job with great results. I recommend their services."

Tom Holtzinger - Scrum Master at Redspher

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We have already hired several developers from our tech team via nexten.io We are always very satisfied with the quality and seriousness of the profiles we hired."

David Naramski - CTO and Partner at Nowina Solutions

They trust us

From large companies to innovative SMEs and startups from all industries.

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