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After creating an account on, the matching system immediately found several profiles. Two weeks later a developer from Italy arrived in our offices. I can only recommend this innovative recruitment platform.
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Software Engineering

Full Stack, Backend, Frontend, DevOps, Security, etc.


IT Project and Product Managers, Executives, etc.

Information Technology

Business Analysts, Solution Architects, Database, Network and Systems Administrators, etc.

Data Analytics

Analysts and Scientists

Quality Assurance

Manual and Automation Test Engineers


UX and UI Designers
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Talent Coaches

Our experienced and dedicated talent coaches will guide you and share their deep market knowledge with you. Use their insights to attract and hire talent fast.

Technical Tests

We provide technical tests to help you evaluate a candidate’s knowledge in common programming languages, the readability and reliability of their code, as well as their problem solving skills.

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Let’s reinvent IT recruitment together. For far too long, HR teams have been under pressure to hire talent without enough support, while tech managers struggle to complete their roadmaps.

Our platform is designed to help them join forces and tackle the problem hand in hand. When HR and Tech teams work together, the length of the hiring process is cut from 6 to 2 weeks.

Learn more about the #TechHiresTech approach here.

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