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  • Pre-selected candidates:
    Top 5% in Europe
  • Average time to hire:
    4 weeks
  • To success and 3 months guarantee
Our team has pre-selected more than 10,000 tech talents for both permanent and freelance positions.
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Create your job offer, or have our team doing it for you.

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Find out how is matching with your requirements, fine tune for perfect results.

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Talent Hunters

Don't have the time or staff to recruit? Let our Talent Hunter focus solely on your assignment. Using our platform of 10,000 pre-selected candidates and our network of Talent Scouts, we'll find you the right fit.

Our commitment:

● 1st interview within 72 hours
● Recruitment finalized in 4 weeks on average
● 98% of candidates remain in the company after 6 months

Terms and Conditions:

Success based

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Recurring staffing needs? Access our TalentPool of pre-screened candidates for a continuous flow of top-notch candidates that match your needs.

Our commitment:

● Free Access to 10,000 qualified candidates (Top 5% Europe)
● A continuous flow of curated candidates
● Only matching candidates

Terms and Conditions:

Success based

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Strengthen your HR team with a recruiter available on a medium or long-term basis.

Our commitment:

● Hunting approach specialized in tech recruitment
● Follow-up by a manager on the KPIs defined between you and us
● Access to the TalentPool of of over 10,000 candidates

Terms and Conditions:

Daily fee

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We represent
IT professionals a proudly represents a vast repository of tech talent, aiming to connect them with the best jobs in the market.

  • Software Engineering
    • Front-end Developer
    • Back-end Developer
    • Full Stack Developer
  • Security
    • Cyber Security Engineer
    • Network Security Engineer
  • Management
    • CTO, CIO, Tech Lead
  • Product
    • Scrum Master
    • Product Owner
    • UI/UX designer
  • DevOps
    • Infrastructure Architect
    • Cloud Expert
  • Data
    • Data Scientist
    • Business Analyst
    • BI analyst
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    With a remarkably useful concept, follows the evolution of the IT ecosystem.

    Julien Maire

  • Robin Charlier's picture

    The team listens to our needs and pays attention to the details. Impeccable responsiveness!

    Robin Charlier

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    Great from the first click! The support is just right.

    Ala Presenti

    Head of Finance and Administration ,Investre
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    I'm delighted to have like-minded people on my side who approach IT recruitment brilliantly.

    Oscar Ayoun

    CEO,Autopass's logo



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