We love to be at the beginning of beautiful stories. Matching passionate tech people with inspiring companies is one of those stories.

With everything we do, we aim to contribute to this idea that finding the perfect professional match is possible match is possible for everybody all around the world.

Tech recruitment today is not in line with this vision. It's inefficient, frustrating, biassed and limits many opportunities to accelerate careers and development to a better future.

We chose to do something about it and created nexten.io – an international job platform using smart matching to connect tech people directly with companies in a transparent, fast and respectful way.

Therefore, we believe that nexten.io is the story of the future for a new generation of software developers and tech experts looking for remote, on-site, and hybrid opportunities across the world.

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Meet our

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Eric Busch

Founder & CEO

Eric Busch is a successful, serial entrepreneur involved in the IT and HR sectors of Luxembourg. After obtaining a Business Administration degree from EAITech/Skema (France) and Western Carolina University (USA), he successfully created and sold NetArchitect, Lancelot and Makana-ITnation from 2003 until 2017. He furthermore created and owns iKe Solutions (IT service company with 30+ employees). At the end of 2017, Eric started nexten.io, to solve the tech recruitment problems he observed over the years.

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Lasha Abzianidze

Co-Founder & Head of Business Development

Lasha is one of the two co-founders of nexten.io and heads up the business and operations side. With a strong background in tech recruitment, he is the one who designed the platform in terms of functionality and the direct approach between clients and candidates. On a daily basis, he is the leader of the team and shows the right direction to follow. He holds a Master of Business Administration from St. John’s University (New York - USA) and Shanghai (China).

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Amine Tazi

Sales Executive
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Mico Moleirinho

Head of Design
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Romain Scavo

Sales Team Leader
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Ludovic Cordier

IT Team Leader / Product Owner
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Sebastion Louis

Business Developer / Lead Generation
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Cédric Correia Alves

Senior Back-end Developer
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Leila Kharoubi

Digital Marketing Specialist - Community Management
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Dhia Marnissi

FullStack Javascript Developer
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Théau Antoine

FullStack Javascript Developer
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Ousmane Gaye

Sales Executive
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Xavier Schaeffer

Head of Operations
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Arthur Schott

Junior Sales Assistant
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Dorota Milczarczyk

Junior UX & UI Designer

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