About us.

We love to be at the beginning of beautiful stories. Connecting passionate tech talent with inspiring companies is one of those stories, because to us, the future lies in the hands of innovative minds who use technology to improve everyone's lives. With everything we do, we aim to contribute to this cause.

Today's IT recruitment is not in line with this vision. It's inefficient, frustrating, and limits many opportunities to accelerate the development of a better future. Having been close to the industry for many years, we chose to do something about it by creating nexten.io.

We believe developers should be able to talk tech when choosing between job opportunities. We believe that people are inspired by peers who speak the same language, make the same jokes and understand each others pains, because they are (or have been) the same.

Therefore we aim to challenge the status quo of IT recruiting, by reversing the order of contact. When CTOs and Tech leads are the first touch point, the discussion starts with the inspiring part: what the developer is going to create, how he/she is going to master the challenge, and why he/she will succeed.

Meet the team

Photo of Eric Busch

Eric Busch, CEO and Founder

Eric is an entrepreneur actively involved in several companies within the IT and HR sector.

Before starting nexten.io at the end of 2017, Eric proved his entrepreneurial skills and understanding of problems many times. Following his graduation in 1998, he created NetArchitect, a web agency & his first company, which was acquired by an international group listed at London’s AIM stock market. Back in Luxembourg, Eric went on to successfully found & sell companies like Sync MediaCom, Lancelot and Makana. Today he still owns iKe, an IT company he also founded.

Photo of Michael Wallez

Michael Wallez

Talent Coach Director

Photo of Lasha Abzianidze

Lasha Abzianidze

Talent Coach Manager

Photo of Alec Van der Snickt

Alec Van der Snickt

Business Developer

Photo of Irfan Hussenboccus

Irfan Hussenboccus

Talent Coach

Photo of Pooja Gunesh

Pooja Gunesh

Talent Coach

Photo of Azra Sohawon

Azra Sohawon

Talent Coach

Photo of Bhavna Poorun

Bhavna Poorun

Talent Coach

Photo of Danaelle Cateaux

Danaelle Cateaux

Talent Coach

Photo of Elsa Randazzo

Elsa Randazzo

Operations Manager

Photo of Tiffany Innocenti

Tiffany Innocenti

Administrative Officer

Photo of Ludovic Cordier

Ludovic Cordier

Software Engineer

Photo of Cedric Correia Alves

Cedric Correia Alves

Software Engineer

Photo of Marco L. Abreu

Marco L. Abreu

Software Engineer

Photo of Kasia Krzyzanowski

Kasia Krzyzanowski

Digital Project Manager

Photo of Jacques Weniger

Jacques Weniger

Product Owner