Where to live as a software engineer?

A high salary is nice. But as long as your basic expenses are high as well, there will be nothing left at the end of the month.

So when evaluating a salary for a new career opportunity, what actually counts are net earnings, which strongly depend on the city you live in.

While we make sure candidates on nexten.io are solely contacted by tech profiles when looking for job opportunities, we also want to give them a reference for the salaries they are offered. In a study we conducted, we compared top European Tech cities to answer questions like: In which city do developers earn the most AFTER basic expenses?

The study was featured in LeFigaro, wort.lu and paparjam, addressing the different levels of attractiveness of cities. Below you'll find some of the rankings or download the complete study for more information.

European Cities ranked by Net Earnings for Developers


Average wages in €


# of IT jobs in different cities


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