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Jacques | January 27, 2019 | software engineersdeveloper salariescompensation

offering the right salary

A high salary is nice. But as long as your basic expenses are high as well, there will be nothing left at the end of the month.

So when evaluating the salary budget for a new software engineer, what actually counts for the candidate are the net earnings, which strongly depend on the city they live in.

While we make sure companies on hire tech talent from across Europe, we also want to give them a reference for the salaries they can offer. In a study we conducted, we compared top European Tech cities to answer questions like: Where do developers need the most money? In other words in which city do developers cost the most?

The study was featured in LeFigaro, and paparjam, addressing the different levels of attractiveness of cities. Below you'll find some of the rankings or download the complete study for more information.

European Cities ranked by Net Earnings for Developers

European Cities ranked by Net Earnings for Developers

Average employer cost in €

Average employer cost in €

Average wages in €

Average wages in €

# of IT jobs in different cities

# of IT jobs in different cities

Do your budgets match the salaries in your city?

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