The Luxembourgish IT Job Market

Since a couple of years, Luxembourg's government as well as private entities are guiding the country into a more digital future. We've collected some stats about the people who are key too this endeavour: IT experts.

Here's an overview of the job market in the form of an infograph.


Luxembourg in the top 5

When it comes to salaries and cost of living, Luxembourg is quite a good place for softeware engineers. When comparing net earnings of different cities (net salary – basic cost of living), the capital does quite well (13.300€ net earnings at the end of a year). You can check out the complete study here.

What is it like to work in Luxembourg?

To finish here's a short video of Oleksiy Shostak, the CTO (and a software engineer) of ume, explaining why he likes living and working in Luxembourg.

Sounds promising?

Let us help you find a Tech Job in Luxembourg. On, it's CTOs and Tech Leads who contact Tech Talent with Job offers. Given that our HQ are based in Luxembourg, we've got the best relations to the country's top notch companies. Try us ;)

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