Our mission.

We love to be at the beginning of beautiful stories. Connecting passionate tech talent with inspiring companies is one of those stories, because to us, the future lies in the hand of innovative minds who use technology to improve everyone's lives. With everything we do, we aim to contribute to this cause.

IT recruitment today, is not in line with this vision. It's inefficient, frustrating, and limits many opportunities to accelerate a development to a better future. Having been close to this industry for many years, we chose to do something about it and created nexten.io.

We believe developers should be able to talk tech when choosing between job opportunities. We believe that people are inspired by peers who speak the same language, make the same jokes and understand each others pains, because they are (or have been) the same.

Therefore we aim to challenge the status quo of IT recruiting, by reversing the order of contact. When CTOs and Tech leads are the first touch point, the discussion starts with the inspiring part: what the developer is going to create, how he is going to master the challenge, and why he will succeed.

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