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Helping companies find and hire developers on our platform, we see the need for tech talent every day, making us realise the importance of the next generation of tech talent.

We absolutely need it to be stronger and bigger than today.

That's why we believe it is crucial for Luxembourg's future that our children learn at an early age to use digital media in a creative way, instead of blindly consuming it. We feel programming allows this: being creative while learning to use a PC/digital media to one's advantage.

“Through our work matching skilled developers with companies looking to recruit talent, we can keenly feel the deficit of tech profiles available locally. We know that there are around 1000 IT experts missing from the Luxembourg market, and that number is only growing,” explains our CEO Eric Busch. “I believe that on top of attracting foreign talent to Luxembourg, we need to invest in home-grown talent by encouraging children to take an interest in IT from an early age.”

So with the aim of inspiring the next generation of local tech talent, we’ve decided to sponsor Kids Life Skills, a local non-profit organisation that offers logic and coding classes for children ages four and up.

We were very impressed by their passion and vision, and the way that they teach the core concepts without screens, only introducing laptops once kids have had the chance to understand and practice using logic and algorithms.

Kids Life Skills was launched in December 2018 by Ronen Even Tzur, an experienced FinTech entrepreneur and father of three. New to Luxembourg, he noticed that there were no classes available for younger children to learn about computer coding, so he decided to start offering them himself.

“Technical skills such as computer programming and life skills such as self-learning and problem solving are becoming more and more important across most professions,” he explains. “We focus on teaching these skills to our children to help prepare them for the challenges and opportunities in their future careers.”

Kids Life Skills offers weekly coding classes for children ages 4-6 and 7-10 during the school year and is also hosting a number of workshops and events over the summer for children and their parents to learn the basics of problem solving and coding. At the moment, classes are offered in English but Tzur plans to recruit new instructors to begin offering classes in Luxembourgish and French by September.

On Saturday, August 3rd, Kids Life Skills will hold its next workshops to introduce the basics of logic and coding through games and interactive activities. Why not join with your kids to give them their first taste of software development? Registration and the full schedule of workshops and classes is available at:

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